A Life Dedicated To Helping Others

Dr. Buzz Mingin can relate to many of his clients on a deeply personal level, and not just because he is a great listener; Dr. Buzz is also one of his greatest success stories.

At a young age, Dr. Buzz experienced trauma in his life, and as a college student made the connection between how his brain managed stress and his inability to reach his true potential. He was always late for appointments, anxious about meeting deadlines, and struggled to pay attention for long periods at a time. Like many college students, Dr. Buzz also had poor sleep habits, racing thoughts, and negative reactions to stress. It wasn’t until he took an Abnormal Psychology class with professor and eventual mentor, Frank R. Ferrise, Psy.D., that he began to understand that his problem wasn’t chemical, it was behavioral–his reactions were a knee-jerk response to early childhood trauma.

Under the supervision of Dr. Ferrise, Dr. Buzz opened a behavioral health center, Buzz’s Bookworm Inc., where he worked with children who needed social, emotional, and behavioral support. In addition to seeing clients he served as the Director of the clinic for over 29 years.

In 1991, Dr. Buzz went on to receive a Master’s degree in Corporate Psychology, focusing on how to model business infrastructure to optimize stress management for staff, which was truly ahead of its time. Dr. Buzz was concerned about wellness in work environments long before it became trendy. Hence, he saw the detrimental effect it was having on organizations and employees. 

After volunteering with Athletes in Action, a nonprofit organization that brought athletes into inner city schools to help motivate and empower students, he felt inspired to use his degree to help children. Although he was qualified to work with schools on an organizational level, Dr. Buzz decided to pursue additional training by attending postgraduate school and completing his School Social Work Certification by the New Jersey Department of Education. This allowed Dr. Buzz to work as a consultant in schools to rebuild infrastructure, develop interventions for staff and students, and develop interventions and resources for students who suffer from behavioral and emotional disturbances. After finishing up his work day as a consultant for school system clients, Dr. Buzz would return to his clinic in the evenings to continue working with private clients, understanding that his work supporting children who had suffered from trauma and emotional issues was of utmost importance. Shortly after, Dr. Buzz attended and received his Ph.D. in Education, specializing in Neurological Disabilities. Buzz’s motivation was to research youth with Neuropsychiatric disorders in the public schools and related interventions to effectively support the same. 

In the late 1990’s, Dr. Buzz was introduced to Leon Rosenberg, M.D., a psychiatrist who specialized in neuropsychiatric research. It was through Dr. Rosenberg that Dr. Buzz was driven to go back to school to pursue another degree, a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, earned in 2017. At the same time Buzz was attending school for his Psy.D., he discovered the Amen Clinic, a clinic of neuroscience on the cutting edge of functional brain assessment and treatment. 

Not one to shy away from pursuing an interest, Dr. Buzz started working under Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Sandlin Lowe, two of the most prominent neuroscientists with the Amen Clinic in both New York and California. Using neuroscience investigative measures to access available data to better understand what drives a person’s gut, brain, and behavioral function took Dr. Buzz’s work to the next level. His investment in  neuroscience and the research to support the same, has allowed Dr. Buzz to support and treat patients much more accurately, and without speculation. 

After completing training to become a Certified Brain Professional through the Amen Clinic, Dr. Buzz was able to develop an effective method for helping his clients change their lives for the better. Additionally, Dr. Buzz is a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner and a Certified Havening Practitioner, allowing him to continue to go farther in the ways he can positively impact his clients.