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Is Dr. Buzz a licensed psychologist?

No, Dr. Buzz is not a licensed psychologist. Although Buzz is a Certified School Social Worker, a certified Brain Health Coach of the Amen Clinics, a Certified Practitioner of Havening, Psychosensory Therapy, and has a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Buzz has chosen to not become nor function as a licensed psychologist. Dr. Buzz’s decision to serve clients unconventionally through the use of behavioral, integrative and neuroscience interventions allows Dr. Buzz to manage cases utilizing his own developed system of “The Dr. Buzz Method.”

Is Dr. Buzz a medical doctor?

No, Dr. Buzz is not a medical doctor. Buzz has his Ph.D. in Education, his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, is a Certified School Social Worker, a Certified Brain Health Coach of the Amen Clinics, a Certified Practitioner of Havening, Psychosensory Therapy. However, Dr. Buzz does commonly work in collaboration with medical doctors who provide specific interventions that many of his clients may need.

Is Dr. Buzz a BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst)?

No, Dr. Buzz is not a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Although Buzz has 25 years of behavioral training to include Applied Behavior Analysis, he is not a BCBA nor does he function using behavioral analysis as a behavior interventionist. Dr. Buzz uses many principles of ABA while implementing his own system of support, “The Dr. Buzz Method” for all of his clients.

Does Dr. Buzz accept insurance?

No, Dr. Buzz’s office does not accept insurance to pay for services that he provides for clients. Clients can, however, submit their invoices to their insurance company for reimbursement if they wish. Dr. Buzz, nor his office staff, call insurance companies nor collaborate with insurance companies on behalf of the client.

Is Dr. Buzz affiliated with a clinic?

Yes, Dr. Buzz is affiliated with the Amen Clinics of both Costa Mesa, California and Manhattan, New York.

Can Dr. Buzz prescribe medicine?

No, Dr. Buzz cannot prescribe medication to his clients, as he is not a medical doctor. Dr. Buzz does, in fact, recommend specific supplements to his clients that may benefit their health. 

Is Dr. Buzz a practitioner who is “on call”?

No, Dr. Buzz is not an “on call” clinician. He has hours of work from 9 to 5 daily, Monday through Friday, and then may have scheduled consults outside of these work hours with specific clients. Clients who are in need of  “on call” servicing may be recommended to access more restrictive treatment by attending “inpatient or residential treatment” support. 

Will Dr. Buzz travel to work with clients?

Yes, Dr. Buzz does, in fact, travel to see his clients. Although Dr. Buzz is based out of southern New Jersey in the United States, he services clients out of the Amen Clinic; Manhattan, New York location and works remotely in Beverly Hills, California for specific clients that Dr. Buzz services. 

Does Dr. Buzz provide remote consulting?

Yes. Dr. Buzz will provide remote consulting. Dr. Buzz works with individual clients and practitioners from all over the world thanks to modern technology using Facetime, Zoom and Goggle Meet. 

Can Dr. Buzz’s services be paid for with Credit Card or Venmo?

Yes, Dr. Buzz’s services can be paid for through monthly invoicing, purchase orders, most credit cards (American Express included), and Venmo as well.

Does Dr. Buzz function as a paid child advocate for educational purpose?

No, Dr. Buzz is not a hired advocate for special needs children. Dr. Buzz does have referral resources who he and his team can recommend that are properly qualified for child advocacy.

Does Dr. Buzz handle or treat clients who are treatment resistant and refuse treatment?

Yes, Dr. Buzz’s specialty treatment is with complicated and treatment resistant cases where other interventions have been attempted and have been proven unsuccessful.

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