A Different Kind of Doctor

Dr. Buzz is not your typical doctor. When you work with him, there’s no waiting room, no timer that will go off after 50 minutes, and no trouble scheduling appointments. He might be a little unconventional, but that’s exactly what helps most of his clients succeed.

How It Works For Individuals

Oftentimes, Dr. Buzz’s one-on-one clients are in desperate need of help but are incredibly resistant to the idea. Dr. Buzz is well-versed in dealing with treatment-resistant clients who have already attempted a number of interventions without success. Although it works differently for each individual that he works with, Buzz’s unique repertoire of strategies and deep well of experience is what ultimately gets clients to comply and follow through. 

Once an individual signs on to become a client, Dr. Buzz will begin the process of applying his methodology, Coping and Accountability for Individual and Team Management. This unique process of investigation, intervention, and management is strategically sequenced so the individual client can see where the process is heading in order to achieve the established goals of recovery. In addition, Dr. Buzz trains those who are involved with the client, such as family members, co-workers, team members and management, so all parties are aware of how to contribute to the support that the client needs responsibly.

“Dr. Buzz has been a godsend. When we hired him to work with our son, he had been in and out of treatment centers for years with no success at solving the problem…”

Happy Client

How It Works For Organizations

Whether his point of contact is a CEO or an HR Director of a company, Dr. Buzz has the same goal: to help teams work together more seamlessly, train administrators to have more effective management over their teams, and for employees to develop and maintain optimal brain health for greater work (and life) performance. 

Depending on the scope of work, Dr. Buzz will triage the concerns that the organization is experiencing in order to to develop a process of intervention and management for organizational recovery. Buzz will train all parties who are involved with the concerning details of the organization, so all members of the team are aware of how to participate in the recovery process meaningfully. 

“Dr. Buzz came in to help train our new crop of managers. By the end of his time with us, he not only had helped improve the overall culture within the company, he also set us up for long term success.”

Happy Client