Team Management Stress

Team Management Stress


Many times employees struggle with stress from an emotional corporate climate that does not promote wellness or inspiration. As a result of the impact that an unhealthy corporate climate radiates, team members find themselves struggling to become motivated and/or stimulated, and therefore, not capable of achieving what they are hired and paid to do. Not to mention, without inspiration from one’s manager or leader, employees find themselves empty and often without purpose on the job.


When employees are faced with this type of foreboding experience, they will often feel underachieved, disappointed in themselves, and frustrated with their own performance. Some emotionally hijacked employees will seek wellness tools to cope in an attempt to improve their own performance.


Other employees who are emotionally bankrupted may question as to whether they are working for the right company or even if one is invested in the right occupation. Sadly, some will suffer the symptoms of stress and even mental illness with worry, feelings of hopelessness, lack of sleep, and impaired confidence. However, with effective investigation, it is often learned the breakdown and impairment with the emotionally unintelligent work climate is actually the result of an ineffective team management structure.


Managers and leaders have a responsibility to take care of those “who are in their charge” when they are “in charge” at their work place. It is critical for companies to hire managers and leaders who, in fact, have effective management of others. As I commonly say, even though an NFL ball player may be a hall of famer doesn’t mean he will be an effective coach or manager of a team.


Managing a team of performing people takes a special person. One who is equipped with sophisticated communication skills, who can hold employees accountable for meeting their company’s expectations, while the managers build and maintain inspiration among their staff and achieve company goals simultaneously.


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