Educational Leadership Coaching With Dr. Buzz Mingin

Are you a newly minted member of your school’s administration and feeling overwhelmed by the heavy responsibilities of your new role outside the classroom? Being a successful educational leader requires a skill set that is much different from what served you well as a teacher, and building those characteristics takes time and great mentorship.

In the world of education, where school leaders like principals, teachers or support staff members are constantly asked to navigate uncharted waters, Dr. Buzz stands out as a beacon of guidance and inspiration. His unique brand of educational leadership coaching is not just about mastering the basics; it’s a deep dive into the art of transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. Dr. Buzz’s coaching teaches educators how to make all experiences, including failures, a learning experience.

Dr. Buzz, with his unparalleled expertise and empathetic approach, offers a personal leadership coaching experience that transcends traditional methods, empowering educational leaders to lead confidently, and to inspire a legacy of positive change in the educational landscape through school improvement. Welcome to a transformative journey with Dr. Buzz, where every session is a step toward redefining academic excellence.

What Can an Instructional Coach Do for Educational Leaders?

Dr. Buzz Mingin’s leadership coaching provides educators with a toolkit of skills and insights essential for navigating the complexities of the modern educational landscape. By doing so, he plays a crucial role in fostering environments where educators and students can thrive and excel, ultimately contributing to the broader goal of institutional success.

Dr. Buzz’s instructional coaching methodology involves helping school leaders identify their unique strengths and areas for growth. He assists them in developing a leadership style that is effective, authentic, and aligned with their personal values and the values of their schools. 

Coaching isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s about facilitating a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics within educational institutions. This includes navigating the multifaceted relationships among staff, students, and the community while developing, implementing and sustaining the schools policies, procedures, and protocols simultaneously.

Most educational leaders are concerned about teachers and teacher assistants not doing their jobs adequately. In essence, teachers are leaders to students and their assistants during classes. Because most school administrators are not willing to admit they need help leading, but are almost always willing to suggest the teachers need coaching, they are blind to the fact that they themselves could benefit from leadership training like the kind that Dr. Buzz provides.

About Dr. Buzz

Renowned across the country for his prowess as a motivator in personal coaching, Dr. Buzz has held over 3,000 workshops and seminars across industries from education to sports management to the corporate business sector. He is an approved professional development provider by the New Jersey Department of Education. He has helped many educators like you, from new hires to industry veterans seeking more insight into their leadership style as well as partnerships with coworkers. After working for many years in behavioral health, Dr. Buzz received his MA in Industrial Psychology and Ph.D. in education, specializing in neuropsychiatric conditions as well as his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology specializing in Behavioral Health.

Key Areas of Leadership & Educational Coaching

In the journey towards exceptional educational leadership, certain key areas are essential for any leader’s toolkit. Using the Dr. Buzz Method, his instructional coaching program is meticulously designed to address these critical keys for success, ensuring that educational leaders such as administrators, faculty, or support staff are well-equipped to face the unique challenges of their roles. Each of these areas is a pillar in the foundation of a successful academic leader, and here’s how Dr. Buzz can help you:

Enhancing Communication Skills

The Dr. Buzz Method places a significant emphasis on enhancing communication skills, which he identifies as a cornerstone of successful educational leaders. Recognizing that effective communication extends beyond mere dialogue, his coaching sessions are designed to refine leaders’ ability to articulate their vision with clarity and conviction. This involves cultivating skills in active listening, empathetic engagement, and persuasive articulation. 

Dr. Buzz guides educational leaders like principals and teachers in tailoring their communication to resonate with diverse audiences, including fellow educators and related support staff; students, both regular and special education; outreach resources; and parents alike. This nuanced approach to communication fosters a more inclusive and responsive educational environment where all involved follow the same structure with the same goals and with a team commitment to achieve the same.

Effective Decision-Making

In a fast-paced industry like education, school leaders, teachers, and related staff are often required to make swift yet impactful decisions. Using the Dr. Buzz Method, school leaders are able to learn to develop a decision-making process that balances data-driven insights and continues to support the schoolwide culture that Dr. Buzz can develop for your program. This dual approach ensures that decisions effectively achieve immediate objectives, are sustainable, and support the learning community’s coordinated and long-term needs. Ultimately, it allows for all staff to be on the same page, using the same language, which allows for greater staff and student accountability.

Addressing Unique Challenges in Education

Understanding that each school has its distinct set of challenges, the Dr. Buzz Method is geared toward identifying and addressing these specific challenges many schools struggle to conquer. His approach thoroughly assesses each institution’s identified schoolwide expectations, climate, culture, and communication; the staff’s coordinated effort; staff and student accountability; and the defined process to achieve the same goals. Dr. Buzz then collaborates with faculty and administration to design and implement tailored strategies that effectively tackle these challenges with a system of “Goal Setting by Backward Design.” 

Whether managing resource constraints, navigating policy changes, or cultivating a positive school culture, the Dr. Buzz Method equips school leaders like principals, assistant principals, and directors of special education with customized tools for structural change and development as well as coping and accountability for classroom and schoolwide management regardless of each institution’s educational landscape.

Executing Successful Strategies

Execution of strategies is crucial in turning educational goals into realities. The Dr. Buzz Method gives educational leaders strategy development skills and steps to ensure its successful execution. This involves setting clear short and long-term goals, establishing measurable milestones and benchmarks, and creating effective avenues for staff and student accountability. 

Dr. Buzz’s coaching helps leaders align their short and long term vision with the educational institution’s daily process, ensuring that every action contributes to the overarching vision and coordination of school goals. He also emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability, preparing leaders to pivot their strategies in response to changing circumstances or new insights as developing students are expected to throw adults curve balls while making random decisions and challenging school rules.

Benefits of an Instructional Coaching Group from Dr. Buzz

Using his popular branded system, The Dr. Buzz Method extends far beyond the conventional realms of professional development. The Dr. Buzz Method is designed to catalyze profound transformations, from tangible school improvement in staff performance and student outcomes to broader impacts on institutional success such as but not limited to the following: reduced student behavioral infractions, increased student prosocial behavioral development, enhanced schoolwide student academic performance, and improved staff retention, just to name a few.. These benefits not only enhance the immediate schoolwide environment of educational leaders but also contribute to shaping a more vibrant, effective, and inspiring schoolwide educational climate and culture.

Improvement in Staff Performance

The professional coaching of the Dr. Buzz Method improves the performance of your school’s teachers and other staff.

Under Dr. Buzz Mingin’s expert coaching, educational leaders learn strategies that can be adopted by all staff in each school. This continuous improvement stems from creating a more positive, inclusive, and motivating work environment where school staff are coordinated, in sync, and using the same type of structure schoolwide in order to create a predictable school environment that is conducive to learning. The Dr. Buzz Method focuses on developing leadership skills that foster better communication, encourage team collaboration, and recognize individual achievements. Dr. Buzz will train school leaders to identify and harness the unique strengths of their staff, leading to a more engaged and committed team who are inspired by their job, feel appreciated for their effort, and are recognized for their efforts that contribute to their leaders’ identified schoolwide goals.

This boosts morale and translates into higher productivity, a more cohesive work culture and greater job satisfaction. As a result, the entire educational community benefits from a work environment where each member feels valued and empowered to contribute their best to achieve identified schoolwide goals.

Enhanced Student Outcomes

One of the most critical indicators of effective education leadership is the impact on student achievement. Dr. Buzz’s coaching program equips leaders with the skills to create an enriching educational environment and schoolwide culture where students can excel academically and personally. By guiding leaders to adopt student-centered approaches, his coaching leads to implementing teaching practices and learning strategies that cater to diverse learning needs and foster a culture of academic excellence. Enhanced student outcomes are achieved through innovative pedagogical methods, effective resource allocation, and a supportive learning atmosphere that encourages curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking among students.

Institutional Success

At the heart of Dr. Buzz’s coaching philosophy is the pursuit of institutional success. His coaching methodologies align leaders’ actions and decisions with the broader objectives of their schools. This alignment ensures that every initiative contributes positively to the institution’s mission and vision. 

Success is measured in academic achievements, staff effective partnership, student well-being, community engagement, and the institution’s reputation in the wider educational landscape. By focusing on these multifaceted aspects, Dr. Buzz’s coaching aids leaders in steering their institutions toward sustainable growth, resilience, and excellence, thereby securing a lasting legacy in education. The opposite being school leaders either not having a vision or not sharing their vision where school staff do not really know what their main focus of achievement should be. Not to mention, there is no identified process for staff to follow to get to common means.

Dr. Buzz Mingin’s Personal Coaching Process

Identify the Dysfunction

The initial phase of Dr. Buzz’s coaching process involves a thorough assessment to identify underlying dysfunctions within the school leadership or system. This critical step is fundamental in understanding the root causes of issues that impede progress and effectiveness among the school culture, school climate, student body, and educational staff. 

The Dr. Buzz Method employs a variety of diagnostic tools and methodologies to uncover these dysfunctions, which may range from communication breakdowns and leadership gaps, to systemic inefficiencies that some staff and students easily recognize to other dysfunctions that people haven’t considered. He sets the stage for targeted and effective interventions by bringing these issues to light. This diagnostic and practical approach ensures that the coaching process addresses the real challenges rather than just treating the symptoms, ultimately paving the way for genuine and sustainable school improvement.

Implement a Customized Plan for Success

Following identifying key dysfunctions, Dr. Buzz’s coaching moves into the strategic phase of implementing a customized plan for success. Dr. Buzz firmly believes in the power of personalization in his coaching approach. He recognizes that each leader, faculty member, and institution has unique goals and challenges, therefore;  he tailors his coaching plans to fit each’s needs. 

This approach may include a variety of strategies, such as leadership skill development, team-building exercises, schoolwide reform processes, communication workshops, disciplinary procedures, crisis management procedures or operational restructuring, all designed to align with the specific objectives and context of the leader and their school. This customization ensures the solutions are effective, sustainable, and resonant with the leader’s goals and style as well as the institutional culture.

Inspire Long-Term Life Changes

The Dr. Buzz Method should help educators make life-long changes to better themselves, their career, and their students.

The ultimate aim of Dr. Buzz Mingin’s coaching is to inspire long-term life changes among educational leaders. His coaching philosophy aims to instill a mindset of continuous growth and development while providing structure, consistency, reliability, predictability, and accountability among the school culture. Dr. Buzz encourages leaders to adopt lifelong learning approaches, pushing them to continually challenge their assumptions, expand their skill sets, and grow personally and professionally. This aspect of his coaching is pivotal in ensuring that the changes and improvements are not transient but become an integral part of the leader’s approach and the institutional ethos. 

By fostering this culture of ongoing learning and adaptation, Dr. Buzz ensures that the leaders he coaches are well-equipped to navigate future challenges and seize growth opportunities, contributing to their educational institutions’ enduring success and evolution.

“No Teacher Left Behind”

Dr. Buzz’s “No Teacher Left Behind” approach is a cornerstone of his coaching philosophy, emphasizing the importance of inclusive support for all educators. Recognizing that an educational institution’s strength lies in its staff’s collective capabilities, this approach ensures that every teacher, regardless of their experience level or area of expertise, has the necessary resources and support to excel. 


Dr. Buzz’s method involves assessing the needs of each educator, identifying areas where they require more support, and providing tailored resources and training to address these needs. This might include professional development workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions, or access to innovative teaching tools and methodologies. By adopting this inclusive approach, Dr. Buzz ensures every educator is noticed, fostering an environment where all teachers can thrive, grow, and contribute effectively to their students’ learning experiences while simultaneously being held accountable to achieve the same.

List of Seminars for Schools

Dr. Buzz offers a comprehensive list of seminars designed to address various aspects of educational leadership and school management, providing educators with valuable insights and practical tools. They are:

  • Developing a School Wide for Positive Behavioral Support Infrastructure
  • Coping and Accountability for Classroom and Schoolwide Management
  • Effective Partnership between Lead Teachers and Teacher Assistants
  • Leadership training for System Change, Motivation, and Management
  • Wellness and Mindfulness Training for Staff Resilience
  • Crisis Prevention and Crisis Management
  • Trauma Training for Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Cognitive Behavioral Educational Counseling for student Support
  • Coping and Accountability for Effective Parenting
  • Effective Communication for Student Cooperation

Organizational Change Management in Schools​

Managing and adapting to organizational change is a critical skill for educational leaders. Dr. Buzz Mingin brings his extensive expertise in change management to guide educational leaders through the complexities of implementing successful organizational changes in schools. His approach involves a comprehensive understanding of the unique dynamics of each educational institution, including its culture, stakeholders, and the specific challenges it faces. 

Dr. Buzz assists leaders in developing a clear vision for change (both short-term and long-term goals), communicating this vision effectively to all school community members, and devising strategic plans to implement these changes smoothly and effectively. He emphasizes the importance of stakeholder engagement and buy-in, ensuring that changes are not only administratively sound but also culturally sensitive and aligned with the values and needs of the school community. By equipping leaders with these skills, schools can navigate change effectively, leading to improved outcomes and a more adaptive, resilient educational environment.

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