Not Your Typical Doctor

Dr. Buzz is not your typical doctor. When you work with him, there’s no waiting room, no timer that will go off after 50 minutes, and no trouble scheduling appointments. He might be a little unconventional, but that’s exactly what helps most of his clients succeed.

Working with Buzz will help you to:

Feel empowered to take positive action in your life

Create structural interventions to reduce anxiety and stress while improving sleep, diet, and exercise

Improve your personal management of details that are overwhelming and stressful

Make better decisions in life and in business

Become less reactive and more proactive approach to decision making

Feel less paralyzed by old habits in order to move forward in a more productive way, yielding greater success in life

Remove stress reactions from trauma triggers

Apply or implement science to your recovery, if needed

How It Works For Individuals

Oftentimes, Dr. Buzz’s one-on-one clients are in desperate need of help but are incredibly resistant to the idea. Dr. Buzz is well-versed in dealing with treatment-resistant clients who have already attempted a number of interventions without success. Although it works differently for each individual that he works with, Buzz’s unique repertoire of strategies and deep well of experience is what ultimately gets clients to comply and follow through. 

Once an individual signs on to become a client, Dr. Buzz will begin the process of applying his methodology, Coping and Accountability for Individual and Team Management. This unique process of investigation, intervention, and management is strategically sequenced so the individual client can see where the process is heading in order to achieve the established goals of recovery. In addition, Dr. Buzz trains those who are involved with the client, such as family members, co-workers, team members and management, so all parties are aware of how to contribute to the support that the client needs responsibly. 

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Identify the dysfunction
  2. Implement a customized plan for success, which includes healthy lifestyle changes that promote sleep, a balanced diet, and exercise, in addition to encouraging greater accountability 
  3. Inspire long term life changes through ongoing emotional support and training

“I hired Dr. Buzz to help me with debilitating anxiety and the havening technique he taught me had an immediate positive impact on my life. It was great having one on one sessions with Buzz, but he also gave me the tools I need to thrive on my own, and for that I am very grateful.”

– Musician