A Consultant Who Cares

Many people go to doctors to diagnose health issues, but who do you turn to when your business needs a diagnosis? Dr. Buzz can address a variety of issues, including work cultures that aren’t serving the business, areas where leadership and management are falling short, and places where communication is a serious concern.

Working with Buzz through hands-on workshops, trainings, and one-on-one consulting sessions to tackle issues like:

Goal planning and strategic positioning for teams and businesses

Teaching entrepreneurs and business leaders how to implement interventions that will have a long-lasting impact on your bottom line

Team management and team development

Creating team success through team accountability

Leadership development with team accountability

Putting a team structure in place that allows everyone to be on the same page and operate at maximum efficiency

Elevate organizational success by creating healthier systems of team efficacy

Positive communication tools for team cooperation and coordination

How It Works For Organizations

Whether his point of contact is a CEO or an HR Director of a company, Dr. Buzz has the same goal: to help teams work together more seamlessly, train administrators to have more effective management over their teams, and for employees to develop and maintain optimal brain health for greater work (and life) performance. 

Depending on the scope of work, Dr. Buzz will triage the concerns that the organization is experiencing in order to to develop a process of intervention and management for organizational recovery. Buzz will train all parties who are involved with the concerning details of the organization, so all members of the team are aware of how to participate in the recovery process meaningfully. 

“Dr. Buzz was able to immediately identify the weak links in our organization and create a plan to address it. He interviewed all members of our leadership team, developed personal improvement plans for each of them, and worked with all of us as a whole to change the way we communicate. He’s been invaluable to our success!”

– Partner, Law Firm