Personal Coaching with Dr. Buzz Mingin

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you need a way to turbo-charge your engine for your life’s journey? By partnering with a personal coach, you’ll become better equipped to break through barriers and smash your goals.

Personal coaching with Dr. Buzz Mingin can help you unlock your potential and chart a course toward a fulfilling life and prosperous career.

Experience a hands-on approach that’s tailor-made to your business’s unique needs and experience the momentum that will propel your company forward like never before.

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What is Organizational Change Management?

Discover your strengths, learn your areas for growth, and pave the way to the life you deserve.

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What Does a Personal Coach Do?

A personal coach focuses on your overall life’s journey, helping you discover your potential and overcome personal barriers in various aspects of life, including your career, relationships, and self-improvement.

With Dr. Buzz, you’ll receive valuable insights on where you’re stuck and the relevant strategies to help you break through to new levels of success, performance, and contentment. The benefits of personal coaching are designed to be long-lasting, showing you the way to initiate positive changes on your own.

Plus, the results of this process aren’t confined to a specific field or expertise. Personal coaching is all about tapping into universal human potential and individual growth, fostering self-improvement and performance advancement — no matter what industry you work in.

Do I Need a Personal Coach or an Executive Coach?

If you’re focused on how to scale your business or the root causes of organizational dysfunction, executive coaching could be a better match for your goals. 

This process is geared toward professionals in managerial or leadership positions, concentrating on enhancing specific business-related skills like leadership, team management, effective communication, and decision-making. 

While there’s a significant overlap in the methods they may employ, the key difference lies in the targeted areas of growth and development. To decide what’s best for you, contact Dr. Buzz today for your free discovery call.

Dr. Buzz Mingin’s Personal Coaching Process

Dr. Buzz’s approach to personal coaching is systematic yet flexible, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. From identifying barriers to inspiring lasting change, Dr. Buzz’s coaching provides a dynamic pathway to success.

Identify the Dysfunction

Recognizing and addressing what’s holding you back is the first step. Dr. Buzz’s experience in analyzing behavior, wellness, and patterns of thought enables him to identify the underlying dysfunctions that might be hindering your progress. This identification is the key foundation upon which the rest of the coaching process is built.

Implement a Customized Plan for Success

Dr. Buzz’s customized plans for success are crafted with you, for you. This plan will include actionable steps, tools, and strategies aligned with your goals and personal strengths. The collaborative nature of this planning process ensures that it resonates with your vision for the future.

Inspire Long-Term Life Changes

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Personal coaching isn’t just about achieving immediate goals but inspiring long-term life changes. With ongoing support and encouragement, Dr. Buzz helps foster a mindset shift for sustained growth, empowering you to embrace new habits and strategies that shape a thriving future.

Who Works with Personal Coaches?

People from all walks of life are discovering the transformative power of personal coaching. Whether you’re an educator aiming to inspire, a healthcare hero providing compassionate care, or a corporate trailblazer driving innovation, personal coaching with Dr. Buzz is the key to unlocking your untapped potential.


Personal coaching empowers teachers, administrators, and staff to refine their leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Through individualized support and guidance, educational professionals can create more engaging learning environments, foster a collaborative culture, and positively influence student outcomes.

Corporate Business

For those in the corporate world, personal coaching opens doors to leadership development, teamwork enhancement, and strategic thinking. Executives, managers, and employees alike can benefit from customized coaching plans that align with organizational goals while fostering individual growth.


Personal coaching helps medical professionals more effectively address the emotional and mental strains of their demanding roles. By working with Dr. Buzz, healthcare providers can develop coping strategies, enhance patient interactions, and achieve a more balanced work-life integration.

Sports Management

Personal coaching goes beyond the game in sports management, focusing on aspects like resilience, focus, and decision-making. Dr. Buzz’s coaching assists athletes, coaches, and administrators in developing mental toughness, strategic planning, and effective communication. He’ll help you conquer stress instead of being held hostage while performing.

What Personal Coaching Can Do For You

Dr. Buzz Mingin is here to take you on a thrilling ride toward success, fulfillment, and self-discovery. Are you ready to make the leap? Let’s explore what personal coaching can ignite in your life.

Feel Empowered to Make Positive Changes

Dr. Buzz’s coaching approach uncovers your unique strengths, builds your confidence, and provides actionable steps tailored to your goals. This process not only inspires a sense of empowerment but also equips you with the tools needed to initiate and sustain positive changes in your life.

Become Less Reactive and More Proactive

Say goodbye to reactive living and welcome a proactive life that’s in sync with your goals and desires. Let personal coaching guide you toward actionable insights, forward-thinking strategies, and a proactive mindset that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Make Better Decisions in All Areas of Your Life

Decision-making can be a maze, but the strategies and support of personal coaching can help you navigate each choice more clearly and decisively. With Dr. Buzz’s coaching, you’ll sharpen your decision-making prowess in all areas of your life, aligning choices with your values, goals, and vision.

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