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Dr. Buzz has extensive experience as an expert in the fields of brain health, leadership and management, and accountability and change.

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Potential topics Dr. Buzz can discuss:

Emotional Intelligence: Being able to navigate the emotional component of being a good leader, parent, employee, or teacher is an essential part of achieving success. Dr. Buzz can speak to your organization about the importance of emotional intelligence, providing actionable insights to apply to real life.

Leadership Development: Great employees don’t always make great managers, but with the right training they can be both. From leadership training for team inspiration to management training for team efficacy, Dr. Buzz can help guide your managers to become inspirational leaders.

Positive Communication: The greatest means of behavioral influence is communication. Dr. Buzz will provide  your team with the tools they need for effective communication, successful boundary setting, crisis prevention, crisis intervention, skill development, and system efficiency. 

Brain Health Function/Performance: From understanding basic brain function to the connection between gut health and brain health, Dr. Buzz makes this data-heavy information accessible to audiences.

Coping and Accountability for Individual and Team Management: Dealing with the challenges that life throws your way and then holding yourself accountable to create the changes necessary for achieving success is not something that children are taught in school. For this reason, many adults struggle to cope with hardships and are not held accountable to change their own behavior. Dr. Buzz addresses these issues and provides tools for how to establish coping and accountability benchmarks into your management style.

Trauma Informed/Trauma Recovery: Research has shown that 70% of adults have experienced some form of trauma in their lifetime and it is a risk factor for behavioral health issues and substance abuse. Dr. Buzz specializes in trauma treatment with neuroscience Interventions.

Stress Prevention & Stress Reduction: Stress can be one of the biggest contributors to poor physical and mental health. Dr. Buzz will provide your team with  life-changing interventions that include structural and infrastructural changes to implement in your daily routine, positive communication tactics, and creating employee accountability. From psychosensory techniques to science-based subcortical tools you can not only encourage more efficiency within your team but also create responsible change in your life, both at work and at home. 

Industry-Specific Topics

Entertainment Management

Although many management operations within the entertainment industry are similar to corporate America, there are unique challenges that come along with working with creative people. From teaching sophisticated stress prevention and reduction techniques, to brain health for performance improvement, to implementing goal setting by backward design for content development and performance, Dr. Buzz can help your team adopt new tools to combat anxiety and burnout and/or streamline your organization for greater success.

Athletes & Sports Management

Physical conditioning is only a minor component of performance success out on the field. Dr. Buzz has spoken to athletes and sports management about frontal lobe improvement for improved speed and motor coordination, brain health and breathing tools for increased endurance and stamina, and emotional intelligence out on the court (or field).


School Systems & Administration

Although schools are often run differently than corporations, the same rules apply when it comes to leadership, management, and overall success. From intelligently managing emotional and behaviorally challenged students to trauma informed interventions in educational settings to crisis prevention in schools, Dr. Buzz has spoken to hundreds of school systems about these tough topics over the years.