The Dr. Buzz Method for Successful Change

Utilizing his years of behavioral and neuroscience experience and supported by scientific research, Dr. Buzz has developed his own step-by-step process for helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. 

This is the framework of Dr. Buzz’s method for Coping and Accountability for Individual and Team Management

Dr. Buzz’s system of intervention, Coping and Accountability for Individual and Team Management, has successfully supported thousands of individuals and organizations over the past decade. Through the application of practical and scientific interventions, Dr. Buzz empowers his clients to reach their greatest potential using this proven method.

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Step 1

Identify what’s not working

Dr. Buzz will analyze the issues at hand by examining a variety of factors, including prior medical history, sleep, diet, exercise, and gut and brain function, in order to determine the precursor that is driving the dysfunction.

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Step 2

Assess individual issues and/or group dynamics

Once Dr. Buzz has identified the problem areas, he will also examine any structural issues that might exist within an individual’s lifestyle or an organization’s infrastructure.

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Step 3

Create healthy boundaries and realistic schedules

In order to alleviate individual and organizational stress, Dr. Buzz will develop and implement new performance expectations, disciplinary boundaries, and healthy schedules for individuals and teams to follow.

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Step 4

Navigate change through accountability

Making sweeping lifestyle changes is never easy, however, Dr. Buzz’s process helps facilitate this change by holding clients and team members accountable. With regular check-ins and availability to help you work through road blocks in the moment, Dr. Buzz will ensure that you stick to the plan to create healthy changes.

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Step 5

Develop scaffold planning for improved wellness and performance

Without the proper foundation in place, a house will collapse. Dr. Buzz develops individualized plans, with a specific timeline, and measurable mile markers that demonstrate that the client and/or team is on track to meet long term goals.

If you or your organization are ready to make the commitment of life-altering change, contact Dr. Buzz to discuss how to get started.