The Stress Doctor

Helping businesses, educators and individuals move through stress by building resilience, immunity and functional wellness.

Knowledge. Tools. Empowerment. Results.

Dr. Buzz taps into a mix of neuroscience and behavioral health in order to help businesses, educators and individuals develop systems to support optimal brain and body health. His unique method integrates education and hands-on tools to achieve sustained outcomes.  His process is both results-oriented and data-driven, allowing Dr. Buzz to develop and implement proper interventions for high-functioning results. Dr. Buzz not only addresses workload or external stressors that are affecting his clients, but also tackles overall wellness routines, including functional health, occupational outlook, and interpersonal dynamics.

Through proven methods of accountability and change, Dr. Buzz systematically improves the thought and decision-making process for teams and individuals while building resilience, immunity and functional wellness.

A Different Kind of Wellness Strategist

Dr. Buzz is a different type of interventionist.  His proven methods accurately assess problems in order to identify underlying issues.  He implements a clear plan keeping individuals and organizations on the right track to reach their true potential. 

Dr. Buzz holds everyone accountable. Every team or client he works with must learn from the work they are doing together to evolve into a healthier, stronger, efficient and successful version of themselves. Although Dr. Buzz will tell you things that you might not want to hear, they are necessary in order to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Hire Dr. Buzz to Speak

Dr. Buzz has been a guest speaker for over 3000 conferences and organizations, and would love for your event to be his next. He is available for workshops, trainings, panel discussions, podcasts, and wellness retreats.


Meet Dr. Buzz

Dr. Buzz Mingin connects with individual and corporate clients because of his authenticity.  He relates to people on a deeply personal level because of his own journey.

At a young age, Buzz experienced trauma in his life, and as a college student working with Frank R. Ferrise, Psy.D., he was finally able to make the connection between how his brain managed stress and his inability to reach his true potential. As a result, Dr. Buzz dedicated his life to helping others successfully manage their own trauma and stress.

Dr. Buzz has a wide range of experience.  He has worked closely with businesses, educators and individuals, and also consulted for hospitals, law firms and school districts. He studied how neuroscience is used to treat behavioral and wellness issues alongside Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Sandlin Lowe of the Amen Clinic in Manhattan.

With a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology, a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, as well as a Doctorate in Education, Dr. Buzz draws from a unique mix of education and clinical experience.  This prompted him to develop a method of coping and accountability for helping clients change their lives for the better. Dr. Buzz is a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Certified Havening Practitioner, and Certified Brain Health Professional.

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